Gimel Organic

We provide high-quality greenhouse production of organic fruits and vegetables.

What is organic farming?

Organic farming is focused on the protection and conservation of natural resources and ensuring a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The main goal of organic farming is the production of high quality organic products, meeting their growing demand on the international and domestic market, and providing raw materials for the production of complete and quality food.


The production of organic products differs from traditional agriculture. It requires sustainable optimization of biological processes so that the bio equilibrium in organic systems is maintained permanently and stably.

The control in organic farming is performed not only on the final product, but also on the method of its cultivation. All producers and processors of organic products are subject of control by independent certification bodies, monitoring that all the legal provisions for organic farming are kept.

Packing station

Packing of our products is done in a specially created facility, operating according to the requirements of the IFS certificate. The installation is equipped with modern conveyor lines. The products go through the following procedures: sorting, calibrating, packing, cooling, and storage.

Greenhouse Levski
Pleven Region

Greenhouse Zvanichevo
Pazardzhik region