Vegetable ZONE
BIOcucumbers, red and pink BIOtomatoes, BIOcherry tomatoes, multicolored BIOpepper, BIOspinach, BIOsalad, BIOzucchinis, BIOaubergine, BIOchilli peppers, fresh BIOspices… full range of BIOvegetables with clean BIOgraphy, which we grow in our farms. Always fresh and recently picked from the field. We have also provided BIOpotatoes, BIOcarrots, BIOonions and BIOgarlic. We offer ready-to-eat, pre-washed and sliced salads for your dynamic life, which are just waiting for you to put the dressing on. Try also our gourmet suggestion – dried BIOtomatoes.

Fruit ZONE
BIOapples, BIOpeaches, BIOapricots, BIOgrape, BIObananas, BIOcitruses, BIOpomegranate, BIOmango, BIOpineapple, BIOkiwi, dried dates and other exotics.

Pasta ZONE
Spaghetti, macaroni, fusilli, penne, linguini, spinach lasagna sheets, cannelloni, spelt and buckwheat macaroni and a bunch of other BIOproducts, which will project yourself into the typical Italian cuisine.

Super ZONE
Godji berries, chia, quinoa, maca, spirulina, hemp seed and linseed, sesame, cocoa beans and other super foods, which are an integral part of nutrition. We have provided walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, peanuts, pine nuts and seeds for germination.

A rich selection of BIOwines, produced according to special technologies, from certified vineyards.

Bread ZONE
Warm bread with BIOseeds – just kneaded with kvass and baked while you are shopping. We offer bread BIOflours for the fans of the homemade bread. The Rye BIOflour is made of the rye, harvested in our farms. The other kinds of flour that we offer are wholemeal flour, corn flour, non-gluten brown flour and buckwheat flour.

ZONE Cleanliness
A variety of certificated washing and cleaning BIOpreparations. Some of them are especially for children – a washing preparation, a spray for cleaning toys, spot removing soaps. All preparations are with no chemical elements, totally natural ingredients.

ZONE Beauty
For the ladies: natural cosmetics – face and body cosmetic with jasmine, patchouli, santal tree, roses, lavender. Hand cream with goji berry and olive, drinking clay, as well as different clay face masks – white, yellow, pink and green. Organic cotton makeup remover and cleaning tampons and other ladies’ accessories.
For the kids: massage oils, balsam spreads, BIOshampoos for kids, toothpastes and toothbrushes.
For the whole family: BIOsoaps, BIOshampoos, and BIOHair Conditioners, BIOtooth pastes and toothbrushes and many others.

Meat and Milk ZONE
The gourmet temptations as prosciutto, hams, BIOmilk, BIOwhite cheeses from cow’s, goat’s or ewe’s milk, BIOКashkaval cheese, fruit yoghurt, soy milk and cheese, eggs.

Delicious ZONE
A warm cream BIOvegetable soup every day, which you can eat at once or take-away. Aromatic fresh made BIOcoffee and tea. Energizing drinks – smoothies and fresh juices from BIOfruits and BIOvegetables, which we will prepare for you while shopping.

Includes interesting readings for nutrition and lifestyle.

The famous Bulgarian Mountain Tea – Mursalski Tea, ayurvedic, black, white and green tea, aroniaberry tea, rosehip tea for kids, cacao tea, buckwheat tea with different flavors (orange peel, mint, rosehip), BIOtea for breast-feeding and pregnant ladies.

Sweet ZONE
Everybody can find something tempting here – chocolate bars and chocolate spreads for the children, BIOhoney – acacia honey, lime honey and honey with bee pollen. Olive preserves, white watermelon preserves, kiwi preserves, wild figs preserves with walnuts, also peach, apricots, figs, plums, strawberries preserves, rosehip marmalade, pumpkin jelly, maple syrup.

A special Mogli selection for the kids – dried apples and fruit mix, baked sticks and pretzels, coconut bars, hibiscus and raspberry nectar, muesli with strawberries and coconut, BIOspeltis with honey, butter biscuits with coconut.

Snacks ZONE
Corn snacks, potato snacks and vegetable snack, BIOsoletti sticks- wheat, einkorn, wholemeal, spelt, packed pretzels. Various kinds, BIOcrackers and wafers, bars, cookies and chewing gums. Our breakfast offer is full of different kinds of BIOmuesli, porridges, grain cereals, rice and khorasan wheat Kamut.

ZONE Spices
Spice herbs for every dish and salad – BIO extra virgin olive oil, Balsamico vinegar and apple cider vinegar. BIOolives – Kalamon, blonde, Halkidiki Mammoth. Pumkin seeds, hemp seeds, linen and sesame oil. Grinding mills with Himalayan salt, as well as blue, grey, red and Mediterranean salt, black and multi colored peppercorn, porcini, garlic and chili. BIObouillons, BIOginger, oregano, caraway, black pepper and cinnamon.

Various kinds of tomato BIOsauce, BIOketchup and BIOmilk sauces, sterilized beetroot, corn, peas, roasted peppers, lyutenitsa, homemade ajvar and malacano, sweet, hot and BIOhoney mustard. Walnut, wholemeal and almond tahini, BIOpumpkin seeds butter, agave syrup, peanut cream, cacao and peanut butter, BIOtahini from black sesame, sunflower seeds and raw seeds.

Beverage ZONЕ
Fruit juices – apple, pear and many more in a great variety of juices. aroniaberry concentrate, elder concentrate, etc. Plum and pear nectars, BIOboza, Kombutcha, water for kids, volcanic mineral water, lemonade, aloe vera, granulated pectin.

ZONE pulses
We offer red and green lentils, beans – black, white, mung and adzuki, rice – basmati, multi-colored rice, red rice, brown rice and long-grain rice. Our selection includes hulled peas, chickpeas, soybeans, wheat groats, and buckwheat.

Necessary products for the household made of organic plastic – food storage boxes, butter storage boxes, chopping boards, bowls, cups, kids’ spoons, peelers, strainers, salad utensils. Our good sleep offer is an organic cotton pillow, full of spelt flakes. We offer a real mosquito and other insects saver – repellents, as well as natural car air-fresheners. You will surely need a raincoat or a headscarf when it is rainy - made of potatoes and a poncho made of the same natural material for the kids.