Gimel Organic Club Friends

Dear friend,
We want to introduce to you our partners and friends that are taking part in the benefit system of the Gimel Organic Club Card, and we believe they will become your friends from now on, as well.

It is a great pleasure to invite you to visit an elegant, urban gourmet restaurant! We trusted it and provided our BIOproducts to create and offer a special BIO MENU. Therefore, we supported a very good place with a bio selection.
The restaurant is called RED APPLE Kitchen Bar. The atmosphere is especially warm. Every detail in food, interior, service and music is in a perfect harmony with the rest of the elements. Almost everything is hand-made from natural materials, including the coffee cups. You will be pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere, the garden, the menu…. And this all is nested in the red brick building in the South Park. There is a car parking for the comfort of the clients.
The owners of a Gimel Organic Club card get a 10% discount at RED APPLE Kitchen Bar. Provide your club card to the waiter to use your discount.

Other friends of ours, and friends of the youngest, as well, are the BIO nursery kitchen ZeLeo.

Take a look at their letter:
ZeLeo is the first nursery kitchen, which offers BIO certified food in Bulgaria. We made this nursery kitchen, because we know how important for our children nutrition is. We chose and combined carefully all the products. Our aim is to deliver the the finest products possible for the preparation of our meals.
We have a Bio certificate for the final product – all the ingredients are certified (even the tiniest), as well as the preparation process, all meals, kitchen cleaning preparations, etc. Our nursery kitchen complies with all the requirements for children’s nutrition (we follow Ordinance 2/7/03/2013 for healthy children’s nutrition at the age of 0 to 3 at nurseries and nursery kitchens, Ordinance 6/10.08.2011 of the Ministry of Health). All the menus are consistent with the daily and weekly nutrient doses, necessary for the infants. We have all the licenses for a nursery kitchen. We are specialized in production of nursery food and it is our main business.
We do not use semi manufactured articles, preservatives, colorings, etc. We cook only with bio olive oil and bio butter, not using other kind of fats. We have our own dairy production. Our brand dairy products are sold on the trade market – We import directly some of the organic products that we cook with. We do not use frying process in the food preparation. Besides healthy, the food that we offer is delicious as well!
Our offer is: 5% discount of the weekly menu for the owners of Gimel Organic Club Card.
Best regards,
Nursery kitchen ZeLeo”
The owners of a Gimel Organic Club card get 5% discount of the weekly menu of the nursery kitchen ZeLeo. Provide your club card to get your discount.