Healthy Zone

Welcome to HEALTHY ZONE – the kingdom of the BIOvegetables and more! Our cozy store is at 23 Arsenalski blvd. in Sofia.

You will dive into а green oasis with the door opening. A roofed stand is right in front of you, full of BIOvegetables with clean BIOgraphy – cucumbers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, salads, spinach, zucchinis, aubergine, fresh spices…. Besides the vegetables, which we grow in our organic farms, there are potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic. What about the BIOfruits?! There is such a variety – apples, bananas, kiwi, citruses and whatnot exotics. They have been arranged in such a way to perform a symphony of colors.

Hosted on the wooden shelves, many other healthy and organic products have been carefully selected and recommended for balanced nutrition. The gourmet selection includes organic extra virgin olive oil with supreme quality, olives, raw nuts, herbs from biologically pure region, BIOcoffee, BIOhoney, chocolates from BIOcacao beans, BIOjuices, wine from certificated vineyards, milk products, pulses, pasta and even super-foods.

You would not skip the BIOflour. The different types flour for bread and full-grained bakeries, arranged next to the deliciously smelling warm bread, which has just been baked in front of you.

The impressions do not stop here! You have not reached the bar yet. The warm cream BIO vegetable soup is hidden in the big tureens on top. You can eat some delicious soup here or take away. For your energizing, order a fresh juice or smoothie, made of BIOvegetables and BIOfruits, which we will make, while you are shopping.

We have taken care of the young companions of the customers of HEALTHY ZONE. They will feel comfortable in the kids’ corner, where they can draw, color and play with the stuffed fruits and vegetables.

You can fill in the basket with products for your family table, while your kid is having fun. If you hesitate choosing, the polite and helpful sales-consultants are at your disposal to help you.
See you in HEALTHY ZONE!