What else could we take from our South neighbor –Greece, for our nutrition, but if not its chef d’oeuvres – the olives and the cold-pressed oils, produced from olives!
We toured, tasted and looked amongst the vast offering for these exact Greek producers, for a long time, which will trust to and count on. That is how we chose two partners from different Greek regions. They work with old olive forests, certificated and run after the methods of organic farming. The olives are being harvested manually. A part of them is intended for direct consumption. Supreme high-quality extra virgin BIOolive oil has been extracted from the other part. No chemical stimulants (typical for the conventional production) have been used while extracting it. This supreme high-quality extra virgin BIOolive oil is produced by the old Greek traditional methods for extracting homemade olive oil. Of course, the quantity yield is sufficient, and that is why its’ quality is infinite. In fact, it occurs that we – the Gimelians, who knew much about BIOproducts, were surprised how big the difference in nitrous features between the conventional and the organic olive oil is, precisely because of the extracting method!

Here is our selection:
BIO extra virgin olive oil – 0.750 l – from the region of the ancient Sikion, derived from Koroneiki olives
BIO extra virgin olive oil – 1 liter and 5 liters – from South Greece, the Argos region

BIO blonde olives
BIO Halkidiki olives
BIO Kalamon
BIO Baked Halkidiki olives with thyme and rosemary