Crich – Italy

The crunchy baked temptations of the Italian brand Crich are a part of the Gimel Organic selection.
Here is a part of their rich history: The company has been established in 1870 by the Cristofoletto family. The Cristofolettos were famous in Treviso as the best bakers and confectioners, with craft traditions and great experience. The brand Crich is created in 1890. It is written in the company’s biography that the name comes from a wrong pronunciation of the family name Cristofoletto by an officer of the Habsburg Empire. The family company has kept and strengthened its positions on the fastidious Italian market. We have chosen this trademark because of the taste, quality and price, which covered our high requirements.

Here is our selection:
BIOwafers line:
BIOwafers with hazelnut cream
BIOwafers with cocoa cream
BIOwafers with lemon and vanilla
BIOcrackers line:
BIOcrackers unsalted Sesame
BIOcrackers with rosemary and olive oil
BIOcrackers with oregano and olive oil