Our BIOgraphy

Name: Gimel Organic
Place of birth: BIOfarm Gimel
Address: The traditional agricultural Upper Thracian Plain near the village of Zvanitchevo, Pazardzhik Region, and in the heart of the fertile Misia – near the city of Levski.
Nationality: Bulgarian

Work field: growing vegetables and fruits according to the methods of organic farming, packaging and trading.
Professional development:
- 1995 – founding the company for vegetables and fruits production;
- 2000 – redirecting business to growing vegetables according to the methods of organic farming;
- 2000 – starting to export our BIOvegetables to Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria;
- 2003 – obtaining the first certificate for organic production;
- 2003 – clients from Scandinavia and Great Britain are being added to the group of customers;
- 2004 – forming a Research and Development team;
- 2005 – modernization and certification of the packaging company – Gimel Biopack;
- 2005 – expansion of the production area;
- 2008 – becoming a member of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM);
- 2009 – award winner Agribusiness Project of the Year, organized by the local “Money” newspaper;
- 2010 – registration of the brand Gimel Organic as a trade mark;
- 2010 – covering the highest standard for food quality and acquiring IFS Food certificate;
- 2011 – founding the subsidiary Gimel Europe, based in Prague, the Czech Republic;
- 2011 – becoming a member of the Bulgarian Organic Product Association;
- 2012 – opening the first representative store of Gimel Organic – Healthy Zone in Sofia;
- 2012 – 2014 – building a co-generative installation;
- 2013 – establishing business relations with Naturalia Group Romania, as our representative in the country.
- 2014 – opening a second representative store of Gimel Organic – Healthy Zone in Varna;
- 2014 – building a workshop for packing ready-to-eat pre-washed and sliced BIOsalads;
Main activities and responsibilities: To provide pure and healthy food. Care for the human health and nature conservation.

Social skills and abilities:
- Taking part in seminars and workshops, campaigns and different actions about healthy nutrition.
- Responsible attitude towards children – holding lectures, events and campaigns about solid feeding and building good nutrition habits.
- A good and reliable nutrition partner. The BIOproducts – a natural source of pure vitamins and minerals, without any chemical elements.

Organization skills and abilities:
- Production – growing BIOvegetables and BIOfruits, according to all the requirements of the organic agriculture.
- Packaging – packaging the BIOproducts in a packing hall, especially built for the purpose, in requirements of the highest European standards.
- Trade – independent organization and execution of sales and deliveries in Bulgaria and Europe under the registered trademark Gimel Organic. The products are being offered in the big supermarket chains all over the country and in the company shops – Healthy Zone, as well.
Technical skills and abilities:
- Growing BIOvegetables and BIOfruits in harmony with nature, without violating the organic cycles and without pollution.
- Soil fertility maintenance with organic fertilizers, bio humus and compost.
- Leading decease and pest control with organic methods.
- Know-how – everyday work on implementation of scientific methods for growing crops. Eminent scientists from Bulgaria and all over the world are part of the team.


- Ceres – for organic production;
- GLOBALG.A.P – for good production practices;
- IFS Food (International Featured Standards) – one of the highest standards for food quality;