The Gimelians

In order to enter the Gimel world, meet us – the Gimelians.
We are a team that has started its foundation in the middle of the 90’s. We succeeded in creating something with no analogue with innovative thinking, research and lots of hard work. Inspired by the organic idea and leaded by the owner of our company, a Biologist and a great connoisseur of the healthy way of life, we started a large-scale of BIOvegetable production in the very beginning of the New Millennium. Today our BIOmasterpieces are well known in our home country and Europe. The best specialists in the field join our team, we take counsel with specialists from all over the world and we consult others as well. You would not meet among us anyone who does not work with pleasure!
Once touched with the BIOvegetables with clean BIOgraphy, you are already a part of us!